1 Day: Cai Be Floating Market – Vinh Long


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1 Day: Cai Be Floating Market – Vinh Long

Duration: 1 Day. Vehicles: Cars. Departure: Daily. Starting Location: Ho Chi Minh. Destination: Cai Be floating market – Vinh Long

West tour 1 day: Cai Be Floating Market – Vinh Long, the travel company The Sinh Cafe Tourist trips to the most attractive.

Beauty casual, rustic from natural landscapes to people, the West River tourism become attractive destinations for tourists from crowded.

West is another name for the Mekong Delta with a network of rivers and canals. Characteristics of topography, soil is one of the key factors shaping the culture here with the floating market and the abundant fruit orchards. Those who once came here once wanted to go back and if you do not go, let’s hit the road today tour the floating market of Cai Be – Vinh Long 1 Day.

Tour Schedule West 1 day: Cai Be Floating Market – Vinh Long – Price: VND 470,000

7:00: Arrive at the office travel company Sinh Cafe Tour , Vinh Long and Ho Chi Minh City and about 3 hours. Arrive, you will go sightseeing boat machine Cai Be floating market.

Western tour 1 day

Photos: Tour West 1 day: Cai Be floating market

The land of the Mekong have so many floating markets such unique floating market Nga Bay (Hau Giang), floating market Nga Nam (Soc Trang), Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho) … and can not not mention the Cai Be floating market of Tien Giang.

Floating Market is a market type of meeting on the river, where both the seller and buyer are used boat / boat as a means of transportation and relocation. Amidst a vast stretch of water that is hundreds of boats, boats, boats of residents.

Different from the other floating market only morning meetings, Cai Be floating market started trading since dawn until late at night. Cai Be floating market is the hub of fruit and produce go all regions. Goods here are abundant, especially fruit.


Photos: The trade on the raft floating market-western

Dawn is also the time just to floating market was bustling. Interspersed between these boats are canoes fruit hawkers like pho, noodles, noodles, assorted grocery … run wriggled under the romantic boat, ship looks very lively. Sitting on a boat floating between the Tien River, enjoy a bowl of noodles or fragrant cup of coffee in the morning is an experience hard to describe.

When the sun is when the driver ball “floating city” lights up, lights shining down sparkling water for a stretch of the river come alive, brilliantly colorful. To Cai Be floating market , visitors will surely feel the novelty of the place many western rivers.

ball-page-toursinhcafe (1)

Photos: Fireplace rice paper in Cai

Continue west tour 1 day

Next, you will walk to visit the bakery oven coated cereal, coconut candy and enjoy honey tea while base.

Then you continue on board the An Binh Island, the land famous for the fresh fruits of the tree, where you will rest and lunch at the population (in the garden with seasonal fruits).

An Binh Island is the pride of the people of Vinh Long with the vast orchards. To get to the fruit garden, visitors can go by boat or dinghy to washed into the canal here.


Photos: Gardens laden orchards in Binh Island

On An Binh Island, which is abundant fruit for the fruit all year round, each season has a taste of glamor separately as longan, rambutan, mangosteen, durian, breast milk … Guests will have the opportunity to visit the orchard, the hand picking and enjoy the spot. Purity, freshness, sweetness of fruit orchards Anping isle that visitors will enjoy and unforgettable impression.

Next, you will be boating tricuspid canalside green, freely cycling to look at the countryside landscape of Vietnam, a scene so quiet and peaceful, or you will enjoy try lying on the quality hammock under Southwest.

15h30: leave Vinh Long to Saigon, visit Mekong Rest Stop tram stop you buy souvenirs and rest.

18h30: on to Saigon, ending the western tour 1 day

TheSinhCafetourist happy to accompany guests.


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