3* 2D1N Western Tour: My Tho – Ben Tre – Can Tho


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Duration: 2 days 1 night. Vehicles: Cars. Departure: Daily. Starting Location: Ho Chi Minh. Destination: West

Coming to tour West 2 Days 1 Night Tour The Sinh Cafe you will have the opportunity to explore the famous sights and cultural experiences waters of the Mekong Delta as visit the oldest temple Tien Giang Province – Vinh Trang pagoda, Thai Son islet, Ben Tre coconut and Cai Rang floating market.


Western travel schedule 2 days 1 night (My Tho – Ben Tre – Can Tho)


Morning: 7h15-8h00   car and guide will pick you up at the meeting point of departure to My Tho .Cach into Ho Chi Minh City about 70 km. Along the way will stop at the restaurant base Mekong Rest for you to taste the famous noodles of My Tho. Next, your guide will take you sightseeing. Vinh Trang Pagoda +: This is the oldest temple oldest Tien Giang province, was built by architecture Asia – Europe unique.


Unique architecture of Vinh Trang Pagoda

Then 10h00 car to My Tho, guests aboard the machine with a capacity of 20-26 passengers down the Tien River, visiting the fish rafts floating on the river and Rach Mieu bridge – the bridge connecting the two provinces of Tien Giang – Ben Tre

Rach Mieu-bridge-My-Tho-Tien-Gian-

Rach Mieu bridge

+ Even then, they will come isle Thai Son.


Thai Son islet aka roller is the largest dunes in the four sacred animals of orchards (Con Long – Lan – Regulation – Phoenix)

Isles Thai Son , also known as alcohol Thoi Son or roller , located downstream from the Tien river, Thoi Son Commune, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province.

As the eldest of the four sacred animals of orchards (Con Long – Lan – Regulation – Phoenix), roller marks in the tourists by the canal winding, curving under that land both sides covered with cork, coconut water. Along with the image of the daughter South tenderness in the shirt she three, conical covering tilt, sailing skillful … All create compelling beauty comes with the waters west in general and the isles Thai Son particular.

This is not just a land of delicious fruits, but also a tourist destination ideal garden every weekend.

Coming to Thoi Son Island around 12:00, you will come to visit the honey farms large and enjoy honey tea and aromatic firsthand view coconut candy production process. Here, you can freely walk to learn about people’s lives around, enjoying the golden fruit orchards he “Don ca tai tu”. Peaceful countryside with cottages, pond fish, coconut, lush orchards of alcohol … Thai Son, creating a cool green space, help you escape from the sweltering heat of the city ..

13:00. You have lunch at the roller, then relax in a hammock or may choose cycling tour Crocodile Farm

Afternoon:  You boarding horses walking around Tan jelly, factory Visit Ben Tre coconut candy, return to the ship returned to My Tho continue to Can Tho

Dinner:  You get a hotel room in Can Tho, dinner break free to explore the city of Can Tho night. Can Tho is the largest city of the West , it has a typical life of waterways. Tour Need Poetry 2 days will give you a more enjoyable experience.


Morning: 7h15am  Guests dine at the hotel and then visit the Cai Rang floating market – one of the three largest floating market in Can Tho . With more than 100-year history of formation and development, Cai Rang floating market is the typical tourist icon of Can Tho.


Cai Rang floating market where specialized sale of fruits, agricultural products of the region

Cai Rang floating market is not only the boat fruits, agricultural products, but also many other services: pho, noodles, coffee, pubs well … The boat service crept very skillfully alongside serve on river caring and attentive, even when waves Arab spy. The uniqueness of the floating market has left an impression on foreign visitors, they videographers constantly, sometimes yelled excitedly in an interesting way. After walking a few laps around the market.

13:00 Guest returned Tho lunch Then the car back on the road to Saigon you had stopped in the Mekong Reststop Trick rest and shooting anniversary.

At about 17:30 -18h00 tour among the principal western end 2 days 1 night (-Can Tho Tho Tre-side) .Hen see you for the next trip.

Hotels Western Tour 2 Days 1 Night (My Tho -Can Themed)

Policies for children .

 Children under 3: free ticket services (eating, sleeping with parents, no separate seat on the bus, train).

** Children aged 4 to 6 years of age (no more than 1.3 m high) to buy 50% of the tour (to serve private meals, sharing room with parents, have its own seat on the bus, train). Two adults are included one child from 4-6 years old, 2nd baby has to buy 50% of price + add extra bed (100,000)

*** Children aged 7 – 9 years of age pay 75% of the tour (to serve private meals, sharing room with parents – extra bed, with its own seat on the bus.) Two adults are included 1 child Kids from 7-11 years old, 2nd baby has to buy 100% of the tour (using the family room with family)

**** Children 10 years or older to purchase 1 ticket Particularly for sleeping homestay services: Children 3-6 years: 50%; 7 and older with an adult (for children’s entrance fee at the point calculated by height).

Terms of Western tour 2 days 1 night


1 => 3 stars –  changed to 4 days

  • Modified 01:  Free
  • Modified 02:  Charge 20% of price
  • Modified 03:  Charge 100% of price

4 stars  –  change up to 7 days

  • Modified 01:  Free
  • Modified 02:  Charge 20% of price
  • Modified 03:  Charge 100% of price


1 => 4 Stars

  • Modified and canceled 01:  Charge 50% of price
  • Modified and canceled 02:  Charge 100% of price
  • Modified and canceled 03:  No


1 => 3 Stars

  • Before 04 days: Free
  • Before 02 => 04 days: charge 25%
  • 24 => 48 hours: Charge 50%
  • After 24 hours: 100% fee

4 Stars or More

  • 14 days: Free
  • Before 10 => 14 days: charge 25%
  • Before 5 => 10 days: charge 50%
  • After 5 days: 100% fee


+ Vehicle / big boat / rowing boat sightseeing program, guide speaking English / Vietnamese, entrance fees, hotel standards, depending on the type of ticket (see details in the menu “property”), 02 bottles water 0.5 l / 2 day / person.

+ The food:

  • Type 1 (Hotel Mini): 1 serving breakfast, lunch 1 (80,000 VND).
  • Type 2 (2-star hotel or homestay (homestay)): 1 part 2 breakfast + lunch (100,000 VND) + 1 dinner portion (100,000 VND).
  • Category 3 (3 star hotel): 1 part 2 breakfast + lunch (120,000 VND) + 1 dinner portion (120,000 VND).
  • Category 4 (4 star hotel): 1 part 2 breakfast + lunch (140,000 VND) + 1 dinner portion (140,000 VND).
  • Type Vip (4 ++ star hotel): 1 part 2 breakfast + lunch (160,000 VND) + 1 dinner portion (160,000 VND).

 Not included:

  • Insurance, tip, VAT and personal expenses out of program.


  • Passenger car new air-conditioned throughout the program • enthusiastic tour guide experience • Meals program • Travel insurance • 1 bottle of mineral water / 1 day • Entrance fee

Wishing you an impressive trip!

More information:

  • After successful payment, please print service delivery slip presented to guides before boarding.
  • Any questions please contact us via email address: sale.thesinhtourist@gmail.com or Ms Linh hotline 0989639268 we will support 24/8
  • Guests should bring their identity cards (for guests Vietnam), Passport (for foreigners) to do procedures in hotel in Can Tho.
  • You should prepare a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen … and bring shoes / sandals suitable for walking as well as move the ship / boat.

 Convetrate place:

  • Free pick-up at the hotel in District 1 – City. City, on the road:  Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao, Le Lai, Le Loi, Le Thanh Ton, Pham Hong Thai, Cong Quynh, Dong Khoi Bui Thi Xuan, Nguyen An Ninh, Le Anh Xuan Thu Khoa Huan  – ( client self back to the hotel). Pickup at the time: 7h30 – 8h10 am
  • In addition to the pickup location on please focus Sinhcafe Tourist Office at (172 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Or 203 – Q1 -HCM 7:30 am in the morning.
Price range

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